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ERIK HAUGSJAA Software Engineer 19 Little Tree Ln, Framingham, MA 01701 (413)461-2119,
// ========== VALUE OFFERED ========== -- I am a full-stack web developer with 20+ years of experience in the design and development of web-based applications. -- I specialize in back-end software engineering projects with 20+ years experience with PHP, SQL, Javascript/ES6, and REST API integrations. -- I specialize in administrative workflow processes for businesses, helping them with custom solutions in ERP/business workflow, e-Commerce, and content-management systems. -- I have consulted for businesses, scientists & researchers, non-profits, and digital museums. -- I have a broad base of experience in database and web application analysis, design, development -- I am a technical lead who is also a people-person with excellent project-management and writing skills. -- I am well-versed in explaining technical issues to non-technical collaborators. -- I have a proven record of on-time project completion. // ========== SKILL HIGHLIGHTS ========== -- Languages: PHP, Perl, C++, Javascript/ES6, SQL/MySQL/SQL Server, regular expressions -- REST API integrations: Mailchimp, Salesforce, Dropbox, Trello, webhooks -- eCommerce APIs: Stripe, Paypal IPN, Dwolla, Linkpoint, Skipjack, custom subscription modules in PHP -- Content Management Systems: Drupal 8, WordPress, custom Drupal module development -- Custom PHP/form frameworks, ERP back-ends and business workflow applications -- Version control, git/SVN/CVS -- Cloud server deployment, Amazon AWS/EC2 -- Responsive design integrations and Google webmaster tools mobile analysis -- Load testing and iOS and Android testing using Browserstack -- Checkout usability UX re-engineering using metrics and analysis from -- UX Accessibility using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) -- Google Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Tag Manager -- Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter metatags -- Custom log-file analysis with customlog, rotatelogs, logrotate -- DNS and failover DNS -- Command line: bash shell, VBA scripting, chocolatey, yum // ========== EXPERIENCE ========== Independent Database and Web Consultant (2004-present) Responsible for the full life-cycle of the design & development process -- workflow modelling, use-case gathering, and requirements analysis, site architecture, database design, and rapid prototyping. I manage other developers and work with clients, graphic designers, and front-end engineers. Client List: -------------------- University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA (2002-2004) Natural Resources Conservation Department Senior Staff Programmer RMLANDS Project - Rocky Mountain Landscape Ecology Simulator Spatial modelling of forest ecology over 800-year timeframes for two US National Forests located in Colorado. C++ simulation includes fire, insects, pathogens, logging, etc. based on satellite imagery, empirical data and expert opinion from forest-ecology researchers and managers. (Think "Sim-Forest" used by US forest managers.) Technologies and tools: Visual C++, ArcGIS, CVS, PHP, VBA/Excel, VNC, Rack-mounted Dell PowerEdge Servers -------------------- International Telecommunication Union - Geneva, Switzerland (2001) Head - Information Systems Support, Telecommunication Development Dept Design, development, and maintenance of custom administrative and financial database applications for a 120-person department. Gathering and analysis of user requirements. Database design and interface development in Access and VBA. Manager of 3 technical staff members. Technologies and tools: Access 2000, VBA, ASP, French -------------------- marchFIRST - Geneva, Switzerland (2000) Senior Consultant --Technical team lead and integration expert. marchFIRST's clients were large international corporations with large-scale eCommerce or website needs. Some projects: -- Reuters - Created Reuters Markets Monitor, -- Philip Morris - Architect & technical lead: Human Resources intranet -- - Javascript and Perl "guru" for 3 of classified-ad sites: cars, jobs, heavy farm & construction equipment -- Serono - Corporate website redesign: -- - Most popular Belgian web portal, HTML template design Technologies and tools: Perl, PHP, ASP/Access/IIS, Javascript/HTML/DHTML/CSS -------------------- Kent State University - Kent, Ohio (1998-1999) Distance Learning Department Staff Programmer, Technical Team Lead Designed and lead the development of web-applications used for the creation, teaching and management of university courses in classroom, web-based, and conference-based settings. Iterative development collaborating with faculty. Integration with the university student information system for class registration and with online library resources. Managed team of staff programmers and graduate students. Modules developed: -- online course-catalog and syllabi for university courses -- online testing (similar to the UMass OWL project) -- online web-course development and management tool (similar to WebCT) Technologies and tools: JScript/ASP/IIS/Access/RealAudio -------------------- University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA (1996-1998) Computer Science Dept. Staff Programmer Center for Computer-Based Instructional Technology (CCBIT) OWL - TECHNICAL TEAM LEAD -- Directed the original design and development team for "OWL", the web- based quiz and homework system currently in use at the University of Massachusetts. OWL is used by more than 2-dozen UMass departments as well as other universities. Implemented student tracking & grading; web-based authoring; parameterized questions; embedded Java simulations and exercises. Managed 3 staff programmers and 3 graduate students. -- --Development tools: C++, Perl, SQL Server, Microsoft IIS METALINKS - TECHNICAL TEAM LEAD -- Co-designed and developed "MetaLinks", a general authoring & delivery system for inquiry-indexed, adaptive hypermedia. A "next-generation" Geology textbook about Plate Tectonics. Managed 2 graduate students. -- --Development tools: Filemaker web app, Javascript -------------------- MITRE - Bedford, MA (Summer 1993) Technical Staff, Advanced Information Systems Technology Group -- Modified the source-code of the first release of the NCSA Mosaic web-browser (in Unix) to create an enhanced, adaptive-hypertext prototype for exploring HCI issues. Technologies and tools: Unix, C, X-Windows, HTML, WAIS, gopher -------------------- Multiple Sclerosis Society - Waltham, MA (Summer 1986, Summer 1987) Database Application Consultant Designed and implemented "MSR", a custom administrative database application which managed the MS Read-A-Thon program for Massachusetts. Versions for Commodore 64 and Macintosh // ========== OTHER SOFTWARE-ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE ========== Center for Knowledge Communication, Computer Science, UMass (1994-1996) Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Beverly Woolf -- "EON" Developed authoring tool components for a proof-of-concept, object-oriented authoring tool for knowledge-based tutors. (Domains: Chemistry, Physics, Keigo-Japanese Honorifics) -- "IMT" - Injection Molding Computer-Based Tutor. Design & development. (Domain: Engineering Design for Manufacturing) Technologies and tools: SK8 ("skate") - Apple OO-language for multimedia -------------------- MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Hanscom Air Force Base, Lexington, MA (Summer 1991, Summer 1992) Technical Staff, Surveillance Systems Group Adapted the control software (Fortran & C) of a wideband synthetic aperture radar system for use with new antenna types and converted radar data into needed image-processing format. Calibrated a DC stepper motor used in controlling antenna position along SAR rail. -------------------- Lotus Corporation - Cambridge, MA (Summer 1991) Technical Staff, Lotus 1-2-3 Group Worked with staff programmers from Tokyo in software localization tasks for the Japanese version of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet app. Independently ran weekly builds and debugged C code to fix build errors. // ========== PUBLICATIONS ========== McGarigal, K., Romme, W.H., Goodwin, D., Haugsjaa, E. (2003) "Simulating the dynamics in landscape structure and wildlife habitat in Rocky Mountain landscapes: The Rocky Mountain Landscape Simulator (RMLANDS) and associated models", Final Report On File at DNRC, University of Massachusetts, Box 34210, Amherst, MA 01003, Department of Natural Resources Conservation. Murray, T. and C. Condit, E. Haugsjaa (1998). "MetaLinks: Preliminary Framework for Concept-Based Adaptive Hypermedia." In workshop proceedings for ITS-98 workshop on WWW-Based Tutoring. San Antonio, Aug 1998. Haugsjaa, E. (1996) "Collaborative learning through a knowledge-based WWW authoring tool", Full paper: Proceedings of WebNet'96, San Francisco, CA, Oct 1996. Haugsjaa, E. and B. Woolf (1996) "3D Visualization Tools in a Design for Manufacture Tutor", Full paper: Proceedings of EdMedia'96, Boston, MA, June 1996. Beck, J. and M. Stern, E. Haugsjaa (1996) "Applications of AI in Education", ACM Crossroads 3.1: Special Issue on AI, Sept 1996. Woolf, B. and C. Poli, I. Grosse, E. Haugsjaa, B. Riggs (1996) "Multimedia Tutors for Design for Manufacturing, Proceedings of Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE'96), Salt Lake City, Nov 1996. // ========== EDUCATION ========== Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science (1994-1996) University of Massachusetts at Amherst -- Research with Dr. Tom Murray and Dr. Beverly Woolf: -- Adaptive Hypertext -- Authoring Tools for "Intelligent Tutoring Systems" -- Collaborative Knowledge Construction and Management M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (1994) University of Massachusetts at Amherst -- 3.8 GPA, Concentration in Wireless Communication Networks B.S. Electrical Engineering (1992) University of Massachusetts at Amherst -- 3.5 GPA, Mass State Honor Scholarship (4-year tuition) // ========== LANGUAGES ========== English native, proficient in Spanish, Beginning French (certified ILO level 2, Geneva Switzerland, 2002) // ========== PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES ========== Available Upon Request