More about the work I do


I work with small organizations (companies, nonprofits, university research projects, departments) who are looking to automate their unique business workflows and processes so they can:

1) be more efficient and effective in meeting their business missions

2) have better tracking of task ownership and workflows

3) work more easily with remote or occasional work-from-home employees and securely access their business assets from anywhere

4) have user-customizable “CRUD” forms, reporting tools, and role-based access control so they can manage themselves without regular help from IT support staff

5) full tracking/version history/archives of EVERY EDIT they make in their internal business data


I love no-code/low-code solutions and using third-party external tools and APIs when appropriate. There are trade-offs vs custom code, and I am happy to analyze your unique requirements and advise you in deciding when to keep a process internal, vs when to use an external tool like Salesforce or Mailchimp.

“Release early and often”

Iterative and incremental software development… Analyze and design, implement, test, deploy, epeat! With the help of a staging server, version control software, and todo-tracking apps like Jira, one can be testing and working on new features as they are ready. Especially in development projects where the end-users are internal employees, some amount of “users as beta testers” is an efficient use of resources.


Some of my clients…

Nonprofits: Catalogue for Philanthropy, Disability History Museum, Maine Historical Society

Researchers: Harvard University Forest, Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, University of Massachusetts Geology Department

Small Companies:, Schnitzer Steel New England, Insight Meditation Society


I typically work remotely from my home-office, but I’m happy to get together in person as needed, or communicate on phone, email, slack, google hangouts, whatever you use.